Happy New Year!
Here are 5 Easy Steps for CFA Exam Success in 2018

January is a great month to get a head start on your studies for the June 2018 exam. Here are 5 (easy-ish) tips to jumpstart your studies:

1. Make A Schedule

Little and often is helpful. Successful candidates typically study over 300+ hours, so be sure to start early. Find times when you can focus, and make every second count– it could be while waiting on line at the bank, during your lunch break at work, on your daily commute (yay, Wiley’s CFA Exam Review video lectures are in 30-40 minute bite-sized chunks and can now be watched via the mobile app!), or later at night when things are quieter around the house. As with any study plan, do give yourself a day off here and there so you can still manage all your existing commitments to friends, work and family.


2. Cover all the Bases

There are no shortcuts on the CFA exam. You need to cover all the learning outcome statements–but do be mindful of the weightings of each topic and allocate sufficient time to complete a deep dive of the most heavily weighted areas. If you are re-sitting, remember that the CFA Institute updates the curriculum each year, so be sure that you are studying with the latest, up-to-date 2018 materials. If you studied with Wiley in 2017 and are re-taking/had to postpone to 2018 for any reason (new house, job, baby), remember our full courses include a Partner Until You Pass–unlike other providers, we don’t charge you twice to pass once. So contact us to request your course is updated with the 2018 exam.

3. Stay Motivated

There’s nothing like success to keep you feeling motivated, so testing your knowledge after each topic and monitoring your progress is a great way to help you stay on track. Practice with a few questions after each lesson too, just to be sure you understood before you move on – that way you’ll avoid any last minute surprises when you get to taking mocks at the final review stage.

Start up team at work on a new project

4. Find a Study Buddy If You Can

Even if you’re the only one studying for the CFA exam at your firm or university, you can still find a partner or two for a study session. Post on exam message boards, use websites like MeetUp or Facebook (Wiley’s CFA Exam Review courses have some awesome WhatsApp communities) or just go to a coffee shop or library. Imagine the learning possibilities and motivational support of finding a serious a CFA candidate like you who you can have insightful conversations about the income statement differences between IFRS and U.S. GAAP concerning pension accounting.

5. Don’t Be Too Hard on Yourself

The CFA exam is a marathon, so no need to be a slave driver all the time. Stick to your study plan but try to make time to relax and enjoy your friends and family. This can also make you more productive during your allotted study time as well.

Ready to get a headstart on your CFA Exam success?

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Happy New Year–let’s make 2018 the year you nail the CFA exam.