2015 CPA Exam Updates

If you’re like most people preparing for the 2015 CPA Exam, you simply want MORE — more lectures, more real-world examples, more practice questions.

Well, we’re giving you a whole lot more with Wiley CPAexcel’s new content updates for the 2015 CPA Exam.

There’s no download or install required. All of the 2015 CPA Exam content updates are available right now in your review course.

Essential FAR & AUD Updates

We’ve asked one of our most popular instructors, Professor Pam Smith, Ph.D, CPA, MBA, of Northern Illinois University, to give us an overview of what you’ll find MORE of in our new lessons and content updates.

Take it away Pam …

Among the 2015 CPA Exam updates are MORE than seven hours of new FAR content focusing on areas that are to be heavily tested in the 2015 CPA Exam, such as general purpose financial statements, ratio analysis, investments, debt/equity impairment testing, and more.

These FAR updates include:

  • “Deep dive” lectures and new support content in areas where most people struggle, such as accrual accounting.
  • A new lesson with general purpose financial statements using Coca-Cola as a real-world example.
  • Improved clarity on various impairment tests with lessons broken down for each category (debt and equity investments, receivables, ppe, intangibles, and goodwill).
  • General purpose financial statements under IFRS consolidated into a single lesson.

We’ve also added an additional two hours of AUD content with specific emphasis on the drastically new Code of Professional Conduct.

Our lessons also feature MORE guidance on how each topic is typically tested, including the types of questions you should expect to see on the 2015 CPA Exam.

Download the complete list of updates here: 2015 CPA Exam & Wiley CPAexcel Updates Sheet (pdf).

MORE Lessons! MORE Flash Cards ! MORE Practice Questions!

We’ve added hundreds MORE flash cards, proficiency questions and task-based simulations in addition to great video lectures.

Here’s a tally of what the 2015 Wiley CPAexcel Platinum Course now includes:

  • 2,600+ Pages of Electronic Study Text
  • 110+ Hours Video Lectures with over 6,800+ Slides
  • 5,100+ AICPA Past Exam Questions with Answer Rationales
  • 5,500+ Proficiency Questions
  • 4,200+ Digital Flash Cards
  • 450+ Task-Based Simulations
  • Professor Mentoring
  • Course Outlines (printed or ebooks)
  • Virtual Classes
  • CPA Online Testbank (an additional 4,400 MCQ’s and 148 Sims)
  • 1,000 Printed Flash Cards
  • Focus Notes

It’s practically a buffet of study materials — and includes everything you need to study for and pass the 2015 CPA Exam.

Check Out Four Free 2015 CPA Exam Lectures

Want a taste of this new content? No problem … view four free 2015 CPA Exam video lectures here

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2015 is your year to pass the CPA Exam. Let’s do this!