iStock_000067874299_SmallThe AICPA just released the latest pass rates for the 2015 CPA Exam. Check ’em out!

The big news? It was yet another tough year for CPA candidates, with less than half of all test-takers passing the FAR, AUD and REG sections.

This last quarter (October and November) was especially tough for those tackling the FAR section, with a pass rate just under 43%.

Overall, candidate who took the exam in the second and third quarters of the year fared better than those who took it the first or last exam window.

Something to think about as you plan out your 2016 …

How did Wiley CPAexcel students do? It’s not even close.

On average, better than 9 out of 10 who complete the Wiley CPAexcel course pass the CPA Exam. We’ll announce our students’ average section by section pass rates next week when the numbers are calculated — stay posted!