Why is this skill important to me?

Blockchain is revolutionizing the global business world: Creating efficiencies, enhancing security and providing alternatives to archaic business processes. By understanding blockchain, you will posses a unique skillset that will allow you to apply these techniques in an array of industries and lead your team to success.

Expert Instructors

Industry Experts

Learn from the leaders and visionaries who are revolutionizing Blockchain. Our experts are Ph.D.’s, educators and public speakers who will provide you key insights into Blockchain technologies. These luminaries ensure you know how to apply these skills in a real-world environment.

Active Learning Technique

Active Learning

Master key concepts with hands-on simulations and labs so you can ‘learn by doing’. This proven method allows you to reproduce what’s being taught in a safe and supportive environment.

Tools to Ensure You Learn

Tools to Ensure You

Dynamic, non-linear Platform – learn what you want when you want to.
Immersive learning – focus on knowledge, not on grades!
Interactive tools include videos, assessments, knowledge check, individual projects and hands-on labs.


Differentiate yourself from the competition by highlighting your accomplishments across the digital world with a certification. Since certifications are recorded on the blockchain, never worry about your credentials being misused or compromised.