Why Efficient Learning?

The Efficient Learning Platform drives pass rates higher with:

  • Bite-Sized lessons
  • Mobile solutions that are always in sync
  • Robust tools for instructors
  • Benchmark data from successful exam candidates
  • Metrics and feedback that pinpoint weak areas
  • Exam planners to keep students on track

Better outcomes powered by innovative learning technology.

Wiley Efficient Learning combines superior content with a proven online learning methodology. Built around a 30-minute “Bite-sized” content framework, all lessons contain text and multimedia elements, as well as mini-diagnostic assessments. Progress and outcomes are constantly tracked and regularly reported back to students for self-assessment, building the confidence and motivation critical for success.

Whether you are an individual student preparing for an accounting exam or an institution looking for help with curriculum development and a flexible, customizable platform — we’re here to help, so contact us today.

Success Story

“I passed all four sections of the CPA Exam on my first attempt and feel that CPAexcel contributed a great deal to my success. CPAexcel’s Bite-Sized Lessons break the voluminous CPA Exam material into small, manageable pieces…”

Jason Rowland Emporia, KS
Learn more about the benefits of Efficient Learning:

Higher Pass Rates

Increase your exam pass rate to a level you didn’t know was possible -87% on the CPA Learn more about pass rate and how it’s measured.

Top Professors

Learn from the best. Access proven, trusted content from teams of outstanding professors selected for their excellence and expertise.

Continuing Access

Look for our “Partner Until You Pass” guarantee on most course offerings. Pay once and never worry about it again.

Study On the Go

Make any time, study time with our convenient eBooks and smartphone/mobile options. And we keep it all in sync, so you can take advantage of those 15-minute windows.

Bite-Size Lessons

Focused, mini-lessons allow you to digest discrete topics in just thirty minutes. You’ll learn faster and more each study hour.

Built-in Support

From our online student forums to 24-hour turnaround responses by expert faculty mentors, you’re never on your own.